Richard Mac Mckenna

1st Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Died 31st August 2016

Words spoken
Gary Robson

MAC to us all is
" Husband,
" Father,
" Grand-father,
" Friend, and a true legend
Our Brother MAC had the characteristics of Private Walker, Arthur Daley and Del Boy.
He had a personality and smile that we will all remember and more importantly he brought a smile to everyone's face.
There are so many stories and memories we all have about Mac sadly too many to mention today here are just a couple for you to picture MAC in the military.
Lennie Wallace - Provo Cpl
Said the first time I met Mac was when I locked him up and we have been friends ever since.
Jeff Swann - Sgt BOS
Whilst serving in Germany if ever I was on BOS MAC would come into the guard room after a night out with the lads and used to say would you like a cup of tea Sgt Swann after that he would come in drunk regularly and I would put him to bed in an empty cell. After a time he had his own personal cell which was never locked.
Nigel Jackson - Fus
Sitting alone in the NAFFI on my first night in the battalion and MAC came up to me and gave me a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale - He said "Only real Fusiliers drink this" which made me feel part of the Fusilier family straight away.

After demob we all went our separate ways until MAC set-up fusilier Tuesday
Starting off as a small group of ex 1st battalion lads and then extending it through the BEANO travelling around the country meeting fellow fusiliers from all battalions thanks to MAC.
One trip to Cambridge MAC drove the mini bus with a set of mole grips clamped onto the breaks which had gone, he wasn't gonna miss the BEANO.
We even formed a Caravan Beano and on our first trip to Scotland MAC against Caravan Club rules reserved a pitch for Colin Atkinson to the annoyance of the wardens. I will never forget the image of MAC walking around the site in just his Jeans and braces, nothing else but a big grin on his face I will leave you to picture the image itself. A good time had by all especially with MAC supplying the Booze and we had a German Night, Italian Night and a BBQ and we even had a Fusilier Tues, Polo shirts in all in Drummore. We then became known as the Fusilier Pickey's.
To finalise MAC has managed to regroup and reunite Fusiliers from around the world, you could see the pride and satisfaction on his face at every event.
We are all grateful to MAC for rekindling lost relationships
So fall out Richard Mac McKenna your duties are done - OAFAAF

Thanks for the journey my Brother. I made you a promise to look after your wife Carole, and I will carry out that duty with the utmost pride and honour, love you till my day comes Bro. Bomber xxx
Terry Bomber Allsopp

Richard (Mac) Mckenna the a Fusilier send off for him.
Bury Branch 4th September

Below are just some of the messages left for Mac

Terry Bomber Allsopp

1 September at 14:00
Husband Father Grandad Brother Fusilier Man All Round Beautiful Person Richard Mac Mckenna passed away last night, leaving Carole, and the rest of us stunned please respect the family's wishes, no calls please, I will put updates on here as we get them.Thank you.
Steve Critch Be in shock for some time 1 of our own ,Faith and hope will come good as this man was true

George Gallant
Richard (Mac) Mckenna the a Fusilier send off for him. The funeral was on 12th September at Birtley Crematorium and afterwards at the Barley Mow Pub in Birtley.. RIP Mac OAFAAF.

Joe Eastwood
The freshly flowered streets of a Gateshead town.
Are no longer stained with smoke and brown.
The market place and open square have rarely seen.
So many summer flowers, so many shades of green.
Times have changed, and now few signs of squalid sweat and grime.
When steel and ships brought early death, to families just like mine.
The town has a new face, all bright and fresh and bold.
And bravely hides sad stories, far too often told.
Those aged streets have witnessed other times of pain,
When weeping widows filled the church, again and yet again.
Yesterday the church observed a million prayers and tears.
As our family said farewell to a brother Fusilier.
Bon Voyage Mac........

Phil Massam
Although a sad occasion it was a moving experience today to see hundreds of the fusilier family attending Mac Mckenna's funeral. I have never see so many hackles attending a funeral and it was a measure of just how popular he was and how the Regiment can honour one of it's fallen. I hope that he can leave a lasting legacy of getting numbers on parade to show the people of the North East what it means to be a Fusilier. Well done to all who attended and thoughts with the family OAFAAF.
This guy was a true friend and could even sell empty carrier bags 3 times,if you ever had the pleasure to drink with him and his Beano Crew from Newcastle you will agree he was a star,my condolences go out to his new wife and his family,RIP Mac you will sadly be missed
Alan Moss What a fantastic guy will be sadly missed
My greatest respect to the gentleman rip ubique

Vincent Stewart Bodys
Kind lovely words mate

Alan Moss
He was just one awesome guy

Barry Green
Still trying to get my head round this tragic news RIP Mac you where one hell of a guy condolences to his family and friends OAFAAF

Mac Mckechnie Snr
So true Phil Massam don't know anyone that could come close to filling this mans boots

Eric McLeod
RIP from a fellow Fusilier and brother

Mick Cheetham
R.I.P Sir.

Gareth Robert Lomax
All ways the good ones R.I.P mac

Stephen Holden
If there is any room let me know spud of timings ifbyhere is room for me

Vincent Stewart Bodys
Cheers lads Mac loved you lot you all know that

Mike Hall
Likewise mate

Alan Aspin

Peter Kinsella
So sad,OAFAAF.

Robert Edwards

Derek John Brooks
Spud if there is any room for a little one as i have my prostate out mon and wont be fit enough to drive but i must see mac off if its the last thing i do hope you dont mined me askin buddy but dont no how i am going to get there other wise thanks.

Vincent Stewart Bodys
Really hope you get there Brooksy mate Mac loved yah

Derek John Brooks
Thanks vinny m8.

Andy Fusilier Power
If anyone could kindly give myself and Wayne Gandy a lift. .We will be there. . RIP Mac..GBNF. .OAFAAF

Norman Prior

Eric McLeod

One of our Bury Branch;
RIP Richard Mac McKenna 1RRF from Newcastle, a legend through out his lifetime and a very loved and respected man, I am sure all will miss him and are in shock at the sad news, he touched so many hearts with his humour and character.

Barry Green
Still trying to get my head round this news RIP mac one hell of a guy condolences to his family and friends OAFAAF

Steve Critch
Understanding and not knowing why is well I don't know

Lea Mcgowan
Cheers Baz, RIP

Richard McKenna Snr

We would like to thank everyone that turned up to say farewell to Mac Mckenna, , Thanks to the standard bearers and a great big thanks to David Mckenna Piping was fantastic mate , As everyone knows mac was the founder of Fus Tuesday along with a couple of other lads , we have vowed to carry on his good work and try to build on the great foundation he has laid , It will be no easy task, and we will need help and support, So brothers and sisters , Fusilier Tuesday will continue, and the next one is the 27th Sept at Newcastle Labour Club from 11am onwards ,
It is our intention to dedicate this one especially to Mac , please come along and show your support , Hope to see you all then