Karen Harrison

5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Machine Gun Company
Castle Armoury Bury
1999 – 2004

Karen’s family heard the devastating news recently that she had passed away. Karen was only 39 years old and had so much life left to live.
Karen would have wanted us to celebrate her life and speak about her achievements and our fond memories, with a smile on our face. Let us not dwell on our significant loss, but instead focus on paying tribute to Karen’s life.
Karen was a born organiser; she had a generous personality and enjoyed helping others. She always had a smile on her face and could brighten the darkest days. She cared a lot for her friends and family and would do anything to help them. She had the same care for her patients and her animals and was devoted to her dogs, Loke and Pip. She was the most loving and caring person.
Karen enjoyed the outdoor life and was always an active and participative member of a team. This was never more apparent than when she joined the Territorial Army. She thoroughly enjoyed her 10 years with the TA, whether it be travelling in “army class” in the back of a military transport aircraft or braving the elements on manoeuvres over the likes of Dartmoor. She was certainly not faint hearted and never shirked the challenge. Anyone who knew her would know she preferred the cold to the heat, be it inside or out.
Karen was hard working and conscientious and took pride in her career as a nurse and carer.
she has worked since her first job on a paper round at the age of 12. She was a very compassionate person frequently putting the needs of others above her own. Her Life was full of contrasts, she equally enjoyed curling up with a good book or a bracing walk with her dogs; her taste in fashion ranged from girlie high heels and novelty handbags to gothic.
When younger, she was very much the big sister, encouraging and helping Dawn, Paul and Robert in many ways whilst they were growing up. In recent times she has enjoyed holidaying with her family, be it trips to London with her mum Judith or staying in Whitby with her dad Bill and Shirley. Judith particularly remembers the quality time together just before last Christmas in Italy and London, the memories she has of their time together will always be very special. Karen also liked sharing her joys and interests, like attending rock concerts, and trying to scare Paul and Aaron at scare shows like Farmageddon. Karen enjoyed adventures and challenges, particularly when shared with those close to her.
Karen experienced many ups and downs in her life but friends, particularly if following her on Facebook, will have witnessed the happiness and contentment which had grown during this year as her friendship with Aaron developed. We can take comfort from the happiness she had felt over recent months

Aaron would like to pay his tribute to Karen.

Karen was an amazing and beautiful woman inside and out. I told her all the time how much of an impact she had on me. Her unwavering drive has rubbed off on me and I will strive to honour Karen throughout the rest of my life. I have so many fond memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Even now I can hear Karen telling other people about how Paul and I fell asleep at the Iron Maiden concert we went to. The time me and Karen have been together has been the best moments of my life that I will hold in my heart for ever. We may never have said it but me and Karen loved each other. I will never forget what Karen has given me. And I, along with her family and friends, will miss her dearly.

Karen has been taken from us far too soon but she will always be remembered for her positive attitude, compassion, generosity and zest for life. Karen was loved and those who knew her will look back on their time with her with fondness and joy and her memory will live on in our hearts forever