Tours and Postings
for the
3rd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

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Higher Formation
Apr 68 to Oct 68
Oct 68 to Oct 69
St John Moore Barracks Shorncliffe
Oct 69 to Oct 71
South Barrack Company in TobrurkGibraltar
Oct 71 to Mar 77
Jan 72 to May 72
Jul 72 to Sept 72
Jan 74 to May 74
Jul 74 to Sept 74
Aug 75 to Dec 75
Hyderabad Barracks Colchester
Northern Ireland Province Wide
Northern Ireland Londonderry
Northern Ireland Armagh
Northern Ireland
Dec 75
Mar to Apr 76
Northern Ireland

24 Infrantry Brigade
White Cross Murders

Mar 77 to Mar 78
Nov 77 to Feb 78
Jun to Nov 78
Nov79 to Mar 80

St Barara Barracks Fallingbostel
Northern Ireland Belfast
Northern Ireland Londonderry
Northern Ireland Londonderry

1 Armoured Brigade
Patrolled Monagh Area


Aug 81 to 83
Palace Barracks Northern Ireland
39 Infrantry Brigade
Mar 83 to Mar 85
Montgomery Barracks Berlin
Mar 85 to Mar 89
Aug to Dec 85
Apr 88
Dec 86 to Jun 87
Jun 87 to Nov 88
Armagh Northern Ireland

Falklands(B Coy)

24 Infrantry Brigade

24 Airmobile Brigade
UN Tour

Mar 89 to Aug 92
Barossa Barracks Hemer
6 Armoured Brigade
Sept 90 to Apr 81
Purian Gulf
1st Aug-92

Jeremy Garrett 3RRF Photo Collections

The Mortar Platoon

John (Popeye) Cochrane Photo Collection
Ron's Owen Photo Collection

Andy Mould Photo Collection

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Steven Scotts Falklands. 1987
Peter Lavelle Photo

This was taken out side the Rugby Town Hall 1966 or 1967 before we went to Sharja

Freedom of Coventry 1967

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