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Diamond Jubilee. The Fusiliers in Lancashire played their part in commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Lancaster. Throughout Greater Manchester church services were held in all the boroughs and the Regiment was represented at the Services in Bury, Rochdale and Salford. The Lancashire Headquarters, the Regimental Association and Fusilier Cadets all played their part. In addition, Fusilier Cadets, as part of the East Lancashire Railway Wartime Weekend and to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, marched en mass through Ramsbottom and despite the appalling weather attracted large crowds. The cadets followed this up with the lighting of a beacon on the top of the Tower that commemorates Sir Robert Peel (a local boy, done good) that overlooks Bury. The event was well attended and attracted hundreds from the surrounding area, who made a sterling effort to trek up the steep path to the Peel Monument. Guests included the Lord Lieutenant, the High Sheriff and the Mayor of Bury who made their entrance in a convoy of Jeeps and Austin Champs which took them up the hill.

Diamond Jubilee Beacon on the Sir Robert Peel Tower Holcombe

Cadets at the Peel Monument

Bury Grammar School Founders Day. Highlight of the year for Bury Grammar School CCF is the Founders Day Parade through Bury. Founders' Day is held at the beginning of May and includes a church service in St Mary's followed by a lunch at the school. The event allows Bury Grammar School CCF (BGSCCF) to march from Bury Grammar School to St Marys and return through the streets of Bury led by their own CCF band. Together with Gallipoli and Remembrance this is an important parade day for Bury and provides another opportunity to parade the hackle.

Bury Grammar School CCF on parade in Bury on Founders' Day

Mayor Making. Regiment is part of the fabric of Bury and always receives an invitation to the Mayor Making Ceremony held annually in Bury Town Hall. It was a pleasure to see Councillor Joan Grimshaw installed as Mayor and her husband Paul as Consort. It was a privilege to attend such an occasion and the Regiment was much in evidence throughout. The event also provided an opportunity for the Regimental Fanfare Trumpets to be on parade in the Council Chamber, where they brought much gravitas to the occasion.

Museum Lunch. The Board of the Fusilier Museum invited the recently nominated Mayors of Bury, Salford and Rochdale to lunch to bring them up to date on the Fusilier Museum and encourage support for future projects. The Mayor of Bury, Councillor Joan Grimshaw was accompanied by her consort Mr Paul Grimshaw. The Mayor of Rochdale Councillor James Gartside was accompanied by Councillor Jane Gartside and Councillor James Lea, the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, (we also now have an elected mayor in Salford) was accompanied by Ms Ann Cox, formerly of the Royal Signals.

Fusilier Museum Lunch

Olympic Torch. The Regiment was invited by Bury Council to play a part in the reception of Olympic Torch when it came through Bury. The opportunity to execute a recruiting surge was seized 1RRF and as a consequence the Drums Platoon was despatched to Bury to support the local team. After eight weeks in Canada and no leave, the home team really did appreciate what the 1RRF Drums contributed to the event. Stationed at the Town Hall, they did a superb job entertaining the crowd and providing a reception party for the Torch. It goes without saying that they attracted considerable media attention and were first class ambassadors for the Regiment. It so happened that a couple were getting married in the Town Hall as the torch arrived and as the married couple emerged they were confronted by the Olympic Torch and the Drums, a frightening prospect at the best of times. The Drum Major ever the opportunist volunteered the Drums to play at the wedding reception with a repeat performance for the Mayor of Bury and her guests. In addition to the 1st Battalion Corps of Drums, the regimental family in Bury played a part with Fusilier Cadets lining the route through Bury and volunteers from the Fusilier Band entertaining the crowds outside the Parish Church.

1RRF Drums Platoon with the Olympic Torch at Bury Town Hall

RRF Drums Platoon performing for at the wedding reception

Drum Major and Mayor of Bury

Rededication of the Salford. The following day, (June is supposed to be a quite month)
the Fusilier Boer War Memorial or the "Shouting Fusilier" as it is known by the locals, was rededicated in Salford. The event marked the completion of the initial regeneration of the Chapel Street area. Chapel Street was once the heart of old Salford and to this day features two Lancashire Fusilier Memorials. Chapel Street also leads to Sacred Trinity Church which is the Regimental Church in Salford. The memorial has been refurbished and site has been turned into a piazza. The rededication ceremony proved to be another family event, with serving Fusiliers, cadets and veterans on parade. The Mayor of Salford presided and the event was attended by the local MP as well as eight local councillors. The reinvigorated Salford Branch also took the opportunity to dedicate their new standard. The icing on the cake was the presence of volunteers from the Lancashire Band who entertained the crowd throughout the event and a fine showing of volunteers from the Lancashire Corps of Drums who led the parade and turned an ordinary event into a military spectacle.

Rededication of the "Shouting Fusilier" in Salford

Lancashire Corps of Drums lead the parade

High Sheriff's Luncheon. The High Sheriff of Greater Manchester Mr George Almond DL recently held his annual mayors luncheon in the Gallipoli Room of the Lancashire Headquarters. He gave the Luncheon for all the mayors of Greater Manchester and it proved to be an excellent opportunity to show off the Lancashire Headquarters and Fusilier Museum. It was particularly pleasing to see the pride of the Mayors of Bury and Rochdale as they showing off their regiment and museum to the other Mayors of Greater Manchester.

High Sheriff's luncheon

Future Events

Wed 1st Minden Day
Sun 5th Minden Sunday, Bury. Drum Head Service Gallipoli Garden, 1200hrs
For further information contact Linsay Walsh on 0161 763 8969

Church Service. There is a short regimental service in Bury Parish Church, every Wednesday at 1300hrs, all are welcome

8 May 12

Gallipoli Weekend.

The Gallipoli Weekend was high point of the 2012 Regimental Calendar in Lancashire and brought together hundreds of Fusiliers past and present for what was a busy but enjoyable weekend. This year it was particularly special as it included a guest appearance of the Lorne Scots who came, “mob handed” all the way from Canada. It was also Colonel Lancashire’s (Brigadier Paul Nanson) first Gallipoli. He made the best of the opportunity and used the preceding week to engage in a meet and greet tour of his new fiefdom. The considerable amount of planning and preparation required for the Gallipoli Weekend, which started in December 2011, paid off, with the result that Gallipoli Sunday was bigger and better than ever not least because the Lorne Scots.

The Lorne Scots.

The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment) can trace their link to the Fusiliers back to an alliance with the Lancashire Fusiliers authorised in 1929. At that time they adopted the Primrose Hackle of the Lancashire which they continue to wear the to this day. Precisely how the alliance came about is probably lost in the “mists of time” but it is significant that the Peel in the regimental title relates to Peel County named after Sir Robert Peel, founder of the modern police force who was born in Bury, which was the location of the Depot of the Lancashire Fusiliers for nearly 90 years.

The Lorne Scots arrived in Bury with a rifle platoon and the Regimental Pipes, altogether were some 50 strong. Accommodation was provided by the Cadet Training Centre on Holcombe Moor were most of the field training took place. In true regimental family tradition the Lorne Scots were hosted by the Machine Gun Platoon from the Castle Armoury who put together an extensive programme including field training as well as a full social calendar.

As ever the Lorne Scots threw themselves into the Gallipoli commemoration, they paraded on Gallipoli Sunday in the Castle Armoury alongside the Machine Gun Platoon, attended the Regimental Church Service and marched through Bury to much applause from the local population. The Pipes provided entertainment at the Association Dinner on the Saturday night as well as leading the Parade on Sunday. The link between the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Lorne Scots has never been stronger. In 2016 the Lorne Scots will celebrate their 150th Anniversary, it would be appropriate for the Fusiliers to celebrate with them.

To see all the Gallipoli Weekend photos on the links below

Regimental Council Meeting.

Having already spent the week touring the regimental TAOR Colonel Lancashire held his biannual Lancashire Council Meeting. Colonel Lancashire expressed his gratitude to the Commanding Officers of the regular battalions for allowing Major Gareth Boyd and Captain Tom Philips from 1RRF and Captain Chris Shaw from 2RRF to attend. Colonel Lancashire also thanked the local members of the regimental family for attending, especially the volunteers who gave up so much of their spare time in support of the Regiment. He also expressed his appreciation of the close relationship between 4LANCS and the MG Pl.

The key product of the meeting was the Lancashire Programme which listed all events taking place in the North West which involved members of the regimental family. This would allow the Area Headquarters to promote mutual assistance and get the best use out of limited resources. Colonel Lancashire also took the opportunity to issue Regimental Certificates of Merit to Sergeant Terrance Monaghan for his work in support of recruiting and the Regiment in Lancashire and Sergeant Keith Watkinson for all his hard work in organising and supporting the Lorne Scot’s visit.

Celebrating Gallipoli.

In recent year the number of serving and former members of the Regiment coming up to Bury to commemorate Gallipoli has increased. So much so that on the Saturday night of the Gallipoli Weekend, several events took place with Gallipoli as their theme. The most important was the Association Dinner Gallipoli Dinner which was held in association with Bury Council’s St George’s Day Dinner at the Radcliffe Civic Centre. This was a most pleasant evening attended by Colonel Lancashire and the Mayor of Bury, Councillor Yvonne Creswell. Entertainment was provided by the Fusilier Volunteer Band and Corps of Drums (Lancashire) with a guest appearance by the Pipes of the Lorne Scots. The Dinner also provide the opportunity to say a fond farewell the Captain John O’Grady, on his well earned retirement as Chairman of the Association in Lancashire.

The Association on Parade

The Machine Gun Platoon on parade

Minden Company Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force on parade

Running concurrently that evening was a dinner hosted by the Machine Gun Platoon in honour of the Lorne Scots. Some 120 attended and judging by the appearance of one or two on parade the following day, a good time was had by all. Finally the All Ranks Lancashire Fusilier Dinner Club, held its own Gallipoli Dinner in the Gallipoli Room of the Lancashire Headquarters. Mr Keith Benner (ex 2RRF) presided. The guest of honour was Mr Peter Maher MM (ex 2LF). Peter fought in North Africa and Italy and has been able to throw some light on the action where Francis Jefferson won his Victoria Cross. Following the dinner they all trooped across to the Castle Armoury to join the TA lads and the Lorne Scots, which accounted for even more sore heads on Sunday.

Mr Peter Maher MM (ex 2LF) at the Fusilier Museum 2012 and at Wellington Barracks (on right) in 1939

Not including the past and present, who did not attend a formal event but were in Bury for the weekend, over 200 members of the Regiment sat down with friends and comrades to commemorate Gallipoli. This number has not been seen in recent memory and would indicate that there is an appetite for past and present members of the Regiment to gather together and commemorate Gallipoli. Colonel Lancashire has therefore directed that in view of changing circumstances and a need to prepare for the Centenary of Lancashire Landing Commemoration in 2015, that arrangements for an all ranks Gallipoli Gathering that would take place on the Saturday night in the Castle Armoury, should now be considered. Watch this space.

New Infantry Combat Vehicle seen on trials at Castle Armoury

The Machine Gun Platoon on the steps of the Regimental Church

ACF Cadets with Colonel Lancashire’s wreath

Warning Order - Lancashire Casualty Visiting Officers

With the pending tour in Afghanistan in 2013, it is prudent to establish a CVO network in the Lancashire Area. Unfortunately pending changes to the recruiting organisation in the area will remove all eligible Fusilier officers or SNCOs. For an area that generates a considerable number of recruits for the Regiment this is a problem. I will therefore be writing to all officers at Catterick, Harrogate and Brecon with a view to identifying potential CVOs for 2013.

Lancashire Forecast of Events

Fri 4th Bury Grammar School Founders Day, CCF parade, Bury.
Sun 13th Diamond Jubilee Service, Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Bury.
Sun 27th Fusiliers in the Park, fundraising event, Clarence Park, Bury.

Sat 2nd –Mon 4th East Lancashire Railway Wartime Weekend, Bury.
Sun 3rd RRF Cadets Parade, Ramsbottom.
Mon 4th Diamond Jubilee Beacon, Holcombe Hill, Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff attending, Ramsbottom.
Sun 10th Carnival, Bury.
Sat 23rd Olympic Torch, Bury.
Sun 24th Rededication, Boer War Memorial, Salford.
Fri 29th Opening of the Salford Pals Exhibition, Fusilier Museum, Bury.


Gallipoli Weekend. March is a month for preparation and setting the scene for events later in the year. Coming rapidly over the horizon is the Gallipoli Weekend Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April. This is the highlight of the regimental calendar in Lancashire and we are looking forward to another bumper turnout on Gallipoli Sunday. Of particular significance this year will be a contingent of Lorne Scots from our affiliated Militia regiment in Canada. This is the regimental family at its best, involving the Machine Gun Platoon from the Castle Armoury and in particular Sergeant Watkinson who has worked tirelessly to administer this international exercise and put together a suitable training package to test the Canadians over the Gallipoli Weekend. Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force (GMACF) are helping out with accommodation and feeding and we hope that there will be an opportunity for the Lorne Scots Pipe band to play alongside the GMACF Pipe Band. The Lorne Scots will play a full part in Gallipoli Sunday and certainly add much colour to the event.

Rededication of the Salford Boer War Memorial. June will be see the Olympic Torch coming through Bury on Saturday 23rd June and the following day; Sunday 24th, will witness the rededication of the South Africa War Memorial in Salford, locally known as the “Shouting Fusilier”! The rededication of the statue, which has undergone considerable refurbishment, will symbolise the completion of the first stage of the regeneration of Chapel Street area of Salford. Chapel Street was the heart of the old Salford and is bounded by Lancashire Fusilier Memorials at one end and Sacred Trinity, our regimental chapel in Salford, at the other. This is a community event involving local residents and local schools. Regimentally, the event should include most of the regimental family. The 1st Battalion intend to make a weekend of it with a recruiting serge. The Fusilier Volunteer Band will be present as will the TA and Cadets. It is also the intention of the Salford Branch to dedicate their new standard during the service. This event together with other initiatives generated by the Fusilier Museum will identify the Fusiliers with Salford’s future rather than as an obscure part of its past.

The Diamond Jubilee in Manchester. The Diamond Jubilee celebrations have started and the Regiment was represented at the Royal Garden Party in Manchester and at the Diamond Jubilee Services in Salford Cathedral and Rochdale Town Hall.

Cadet Force Easter Camp. Fusilier Cadets were well represented at the first GMACF Easter Camp for many years. One hundred cadets turned up for the first major camp based on the new Cadet Training Centre on Holcombe Moor. For those of you who remember Holcombe Moor as a training area, the old wooden huts have gone and in their place a new £5.2million training centre has risen from the ashes. It not only houses the new Headquarters for GMACF but also the Fusilier badged detachment from Ramsbottom. It has been well used by the Regiment since it opened in September last year. The Training Centre provided accommodation for members of the Second Battalion that came over for Fusilier Wilkinson’s funeral just before Christmas, for the Boxing Team in January; and will provide accommodation for the Lorne Scots in April.

Cadets on navigation exercise at Easter Camp

Handover of Association Chairman. Captain John O’Grady handed the Association in Lancashire over to Major Leslie Ingham. John has served the Regiment well over the last few years as Chairman and has done much to develop the role of the Association with regard to welfare and benevolence. Lancashire is unique, leading the way once again, in that the Association in Lancashire is run by the Association Chairman and his committee with assistance provided by the Area Headquarters. This puts considerable pressure on the Chairman and his hard working team but it works to the benefit of the members. John O’Grady rose to the challenge of this demanding appointment and has left an Association much stronger and able to support the Regiment no matter what the future throws at it. Les is currently moving back from Northern Ireland to live in Blackpool and is looking forward to the challenge of directing the Association in Lancashire in the second decade of the 21st Century.

Forthcoming Events in Lancashire:
Saturday 21st Colonel Lancashire’s Council Meeting, Lancashire Headquarters, Bury
Association Dinner, Radcliffe
Sunday 22nd Gallipoli Sunday

Friday 4th Bury Grammar School Founders Day. CCF parade through Bury
Sunday 13th Bury Diamond Jubilee Service, Bury Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin
Sunday 27th Fusiliers in the Park

Sun 3rd Parade through Ramsbottom
Mon 4th Diamond Jubilee Beacon, Holcombe Hill
Sunday 10th Bury Carnival
Saturday 23rd Olympic Torch through Bury
Sunday 24th Rededication of Boer War memorial in Salford

Gallipoli Battlefield Tour 2015
As part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Great War, the Lancashire Headquarters is researching the possibility of conducting a battlefield tour of Gallipoli in 2015. The event would take place possibly in September/October, would last for eight days including travel and would cost approximately £1,000. Please let me know if you are interested in taking part, sooner rather than later.

Fusilier James Wilkinson
Sadly the Christmas period was dominated by the untimely death of Fusilier James Wilkinson. James was a local lad, recruited through the Bury office, who was proud to follow in the tradition of Lancashire's Fusiliers. He gave his life for his country while training for operations in Kenya. Therefore on behalf of Colonel Lancashire, Brigadier Paul Nanson MBE and all members of the Fusilier Family in Lancashire I would like to convey the heartfelt condolences of the Fusilier Family in Lancashire to the family of Fusilier James Wilkinson. We cannot imagine what his wife, Sarah and his parents Rob and Jan are going through but they should know that all Fusiliers in Lancashire are behind them now and in the future.

Colonel Lancashire would also like to thank all those members of the Fusilier Family in Lancashire who assisted with arrangements for the Funeral. He would particularly like to thank John O'Grady, Steve Fitt and other members of the Association for all their efforts before and on the day, Major Tom Cornmell and the Staff of Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force for arranging accommodation meals, transport and drivers, Sgt Monaghan, Sgt Knowles and Sgt Watkinson for coordinating arrangements on the ground in advance of the 2nd Battalion. Last but certainly not least Colonel Lancashire would like to express his gratitude for the hard work and dedication of CSgt Crawley who has done a first class job in assisting the Wilkinson family through this difficult time.

Councillor John Byrne former Mayor of Bury
On another sad note we have just been informed of the death of Councillor John Byrne who was the Mayor of Bury in 2010. John Byrne was a friend of the Fusiliers for many years. As Leader of the Council he was very supportive of the Fusilier Museum Project during the early days. More recently he was often seen in the building attending the NHS Committee Meetings that took place in the museum building. He will be much missed by the regiment in Lancashire.

Winter Events October 2011-January 2012
The winter period from October to January witnessed a variety of events and activities in the Lancashire Area.

Army Careers Exhibition. October commenced with the Army Careers Exhibition at Altcar near Southport. This important recruiting event brought together some 12,000 young people from schools, colleges and the Army Cadet Force from all over the North West. This flag ship event was run by Major David Cook and heavily supported by the Regiment including considerable manpower and equipment from 1RRF and the Regimental Recruiting Team. This concentration of regimental assets gave a very positive impression of the Fusiliers and reinforced its position as one of the North West's leading infantry regiments. The one minor cause for amusement was the large banner on the RRF recruiting stand which proclaimed the Fusiliers as Northumberland's Regiment. This may well be true, but it certainly caused much confusion amongst the youth of Lancashire. In addition to the "green team," the staff of Fusilier Museum made the best of the opportunity to promote Army Heritage and the Fusilier Museum by briefing the assembled teachers on the educational potential of regimental collections.

Colonel Lancashire Planning for the Future. There have been several important meetings over the period. Brigadier Paul Nanson held the first of his planning meetings as Colonel Lancashire's. Attending the meeting were not only local members of the Regimental Council in Lancashire but also representatives from the Regular Battalions and RHQ. The intent was to establish a Lancashire Area Programme that would harmonise regimental activity in the North West and make the best use of resources in what are after all, difficult times.

Collection Trust Scanning Project. This was followed by the Collection Trust Meeting. The the main thrust of the discussion was centred on a proposed project to scan all the Lancashire Fusilier Annuals and Gallipoli Gazettes. The Annuals and Gazettes contain the collective memory of the Lancashire Fusiliers and a digitised and accessible archive would have a very positive impact on the service that the Fusilier Museum could provide. It would be an expensive process and to reduce costs it was agreed to enter into a joint project with the Duke of Lancaster's Regimental Museum at Fulwood Barracks.

Museum Company Board Meeting. This was closely followed by the Museum Board meeting where Mark Sanders, the former Chief Executive of Bury Council was welcomed on board.

Mark Sanders is presented with an embroidered Lancashire Fusilier Cap Badge and welcomed to the Museum Board

The Lancashire Volunteer Band Concert. The highlight of this period was the Band Concert in the Castle Armoury. It was a joint concert between the Lancashire Volunteer Band of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Heavy Cavalry Band from Catterick. The aim was to raise funds for the Fusilier Museum. By the end of the evening the concert had raised over £3,000. The event was organised by Eric Davidson and brought together all elements of the regimental family in Lancashire. The event took place in the Castle Armoury and much of the hard work was done by the Fusilier Machine Gun Platoon, the chairs were provided by Bury Grammar School and delivered by Bob Rylance and Bury Grammar School CCF. Cadets from Minden Company Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force gave a hand on the night. Also the Association, Friends of the Museum and Fusilier Museum Staff were well represented. In the end some 450 members of the public attended the concert which was enjoyed by all.

Band Concert Rehearsals

Lancashire Fusilier Fanfare Trumpets the line up features Brian Elcoat and Frank Rigby who first played the trumpets when they were purchased by the Lancashire Fusiliers

Inkerman Dinner. The annual Inkerman Dinner took place on Thursday 3 November. It was well attended this year. Guests included the Mayor of Bury, Councillor Yvonne Creswell, the Chief Executive Mike Kelly and the Leader of the Council Mike Connolly. The new Commanding Officer of the 4th Battalion the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment John Lighten also attended. A former Fusilier in the 5th Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Lighten is now responsible for our Machine Gun Platoon at the Castle Armoury, so we need to look after him! Also enjoying the evening were Sir David Trippier and Sir John Timmins. The dinner went well, judging by the number of empty bottles at the end of the evening, and was the first opportunity for the new catering team under the direction of Wendy Wray to demonstrate their skill. Wendy already runs an successful catering company in Bury called Delicious and has brought her talent and experience to Moss Street.

Inkerman Dinner, Sir David Trippier, Lieutenant Colonel Leanda Pitt Commander Regional Recruiting and Colonel Lancashire

(Photo taken by the Mayor of Bury Councillor Yvonne Creswell)

Solving the world's problems. Following the dinner, Colonel Lancashire, Lieutenant Colonel John Lighten, Commanding Officer 4th Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment and Major David Cook pull up a few sand bags following a raid on the Area Secretary's drinks cabinet

Wendy Wray and Tony Sprason. Wendy now runs the catering for the Museum and Tony assists with the dinner nights

Remembrance Weekend. This was a memorable weekend as it witnessed the opening of the refurbished Gallipoli Garden as well as the inauguration of the Wellington Barracks Memorial Garden. On Remembrance Sunday the Association was out in force around Lancashire. There was a particularly strong turnout in Salford at the Lancashire Fusilier Memorial on the Crescent. Salford was once at the heart of the Regiment but for many reasons the connection lapsed. There is now a concerted effort to get back into Salford which is already achieving some success
Fusiliers gather around Joe Trafford former long time chairman of the Salford Branch, at the Lancashire Fusilier Memorial in Salford to commemorate Remembrance Sunday

Sergeant Martyn Gibbons MBE. The Headquarters was pleased to be able to present Sergeant Martyn Gibbons with his George and Dragon on behalf of the Second Battalion.

Sergeant Martyn Gibbons following the presentation of his "George and Dragon"

Bury Grammar School Field Day. Bury Grammar School remains an important part of the Regimental Family and the Area Secretary was pleased to be able to visit the CCF on their Field Day at Holcombe Moor just north of Bury. The cadets were in good order and it was good to see Bob Rylance and Pat Newton, both old friends, and to have the opportunity to meet the new contingent commander David Newbury
Insert Image. Contingent Commander David Newbury instructing cadets following a section attack. Bury Grammar School CCF, Field day at Holcombe Moor

Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force (GMACF). The Ramsbottom Detachment of Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force recently moved from the old drill hall in Ramsbottom to new facilities on Holcombe Moor. The Detachment under Lieutenant Lee Kennerley decided to commemorate the move with the purchase of a new detachment standard. The new standard proudly displays the crest of the Army Cadet Force alongside that of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. GMACF also held their Christmas function in the Normandy Room of the Fusilier Museum, a good time was had by all and the new Commandant was seen to be "strutting his funky stuff" on the dance floor!

Ramsbottom Detachment with their new standard.

Christmas Dinner in the Normandy Room

RHQ and Museum Staff Christmas Party

Forth Coming Events 2012
Sunday 5th February. Commemoration of the M62 Bombing. Assemble west-bound side of the Hartshead Service Area at 1030hrs.

Saturday 21st April. Lancashire Council Meeting. Assemble Gallipoli Room Fusilier Museum for 1030hrs.

Saturday 21st April. Lancashire Association Dinner. Assemble Radcliffe Civic Centre for 1900hrs

Sunday 22nd April. Gallipoli Sunday. Parade, Church Service, March Past and Lunch. Assemble in the Castle Armoury for 1045hrs

For further details contact Linsey Walsh on 0161 763 8969


September 2011

Introduction. It appears to be the month for superlatives in Lancashire. The Fusilier Museum was awarded the title of Best Small Museum in Greater Manchester and has now been put forward for the national final. Bury has been awarded the " Best Floral Design" in the Britain in Bloom completion, with specific reference to Gallipoli Garden and the Landrover flowerbed. Finally, the recently published regional statistics illustrate that Bury ACIO has become the best office in the North West for Territorial Army recruiting. All in all, we must be getting something right in Lancashire. The month also witnessed the death defying bungee jump by Helen Field and Drummer Frankie Canham from the recruiting team. Between them they raised over £1,000.

1411 Helen Field and Drummer Frankie Canham bungee jumpers extraordinaire

Sir Gilbert Mackereth MC
The story of Sir Gilbert Mackereth, former Commanding Officer of the 17th Battalion, the Lancashire Fusiliers continues. Sir Gilbert, as you will remember from the national papers, was evicted from his grave in 2009, by the authorities in San Sebastian due to unpaid taxes. Following a considerable amount of footwork by Terry Dean of the Western Front Association and Friend of the Fusilier Museum, the remains of Sir Gilbert have been returned to this country and will be interred in the refurbished Gallipoli Garden.

Sir Gilbert's story is fascinating and combines two of the regiments that were to become the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. He was born in Salford in 1892 and was educated at Keswick Grammar School and then Manchester University. It was from the University that in 1914 he joined the 21st Battalion Royal Fusiliers, which was part of the University and Public Schools' Brigade. He travelled to France in November 1915, spending three months in the trenches east of Bethune. It is of significance that the Colour of the 21st Battalion still survives and is currently part of the Royal Fusilier Collection in the Tower of London.

In 1916 Sir Gilberth was selected to become an officer and on completion of his training in Oxford, he joined the 17th Battalion the Lancashire Fusiliers in France, east of Arras. It was during the action by the 17th Battalion to capture Gricourt in April 1917, that Sir Gilbert saved a patrol that had been cut off by a German machine gun post. He was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery. In August he was seriously wounded near Cambria and was hospitalised in Manchester for several of months. He returned to France in July 1918 and took command of the 17th Battalion in October remaining in post throughout the final British offensive of the Great War.

Sir Gilbert. 2nd Lieutenant Mackereth 17th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers

Following his released from the army in April 1919, Sir Gilbert joined the Diplomatic Service, during which time he was knighted. Following his distinguished service he retired to Spain and died in San Sebastian, in 1962. His final resting place will be the refurbished Gallipoli garden that will contain a permanent memorial to a gallant Lancashire soldier

Mike Glover and Terry Dean of the Western Front Association. Sir Gilbert makes it home.

Gardens Update. Work progresses on both Gallipoli Garden and the Wellington Barracks memorial garden. Although both sites currently look like the first day of the Somme they will be completed in time for their opening on Friday 11th November. The programme for the day is 10.45am form up in Gallipoli Garden. The Act of Remembrance will be followed by the opening of the extension to Gallipoli Garden and the Memorial to Sir Gilbert Mackereth. The ceremony on Bolton Road for the Wellington Barracks Memorial Garden will commence at 2.30pm.

TA in Lancashire. With an increased emphasis on the Territorial Army the pressure is on to convince the "powers that be" to expand the Fusilier Platoon to company strength once again. The Fusilier Platoon in the Castle Armoury in Bury continues to punch above its weight. It recently held a dinner night with some 90 serving and former members attended. The Platoon is well recruited with a steady flow or recruits. This is largely due to the cooperation between the Platoon and the Bury ACIO as exemplified by Corporal Simpson from the Platoon who currently spends two days a week working in the Careers Office. The recruiting statistics reflect his excellent work. Since April he has recruited 61 for the Territorial Army as a whole with by far the vast majority heading for the Fusilier Platoon. This looks even better when viewed against the average for all the recruiting offices in the region which is 20 per office. Well done to Corporal Simpson and well done the Fusilier Platoon.

1420 Corporal Simpson (seated) concentrating on TA recruiting

Future Events.
Thursday 27th October. Lancashire Fusiliers Collection Trust Meeting, Bury.
Saturday 29th October. Military Band Extravaganza. Castle Armoury, Bury.
Thursday 3rd November. Inkerman Dinner, Bury.
Friday 4th November. Lancashire Council Meeting, Bury.
Saturday 3rd December. Oldham Branch Christmas Dinner, Stockport.
Tuesday 24th January. Spion Kop Commemoration Whitehead Garden Bury.

For more information ring Linsay Walsh on 0161 763 8969

The latest plans for the Memorial Garden at the Wellington Barracks site

Click on plan to enlarge it

The Newest Member of the Association Lancashire
Oldham Branch

This is Lew Price aged 17
He has just completed basic training and currently on a driving cardre on route to the 1st Bn, As part of the Veterans parkage for the future Oldham Branch will monitor his progress for press release's involving veterans week as a local Royton Oldham Fusilier.Yes of course he actully got a pair of Assoc Regt socks from the Oldham PRI

Lew Price Update

1 Year on Lew Price with a tour of Iraq behind him
Sighted on homecoming Parades in the Midlands

Oldham Branch are selling a
Roll of Honour
in memory of all Fusiliers and children killed by Northern Ireland terrorist. We have included the M62 coach bomb which as you know concerned 2 RRF fusiliers.

This is the Roll of Honour in its Frame

Click on it to see it enlarged

This is what is inside the frame

Lefthand side of frame

Click on it to enlarge

Righthand side of frame

Click on it to enlarge

The cost is £39.99 each. Due to parcelling we would be obliged if anyone wanting one could collect to save being damaged.
If you would like one Click Here to e mail Ronnie Owen