22774697 SSGT B.F. Bould (aka DUSTY)

23rd September 2013 after a short stay in Hospital.

Bernard Francis Bould
Our father Francis Bernard JONES was born on the 21st of June 1934, on board the Canal Boat Tring. This was moored in the canal Basin off Old Mill Street Wolverhampton. His Father JOHN HENRY JONES (canal boatman for Cassiers) his mother Margaret Hettie Jones Formerly WILDE. He lived aboard the boat until he was five then the family was given a house in the Horsley fields district of Wolverhampton. The Family remained there until maybe 1940 it was at this time that his parents split up. Most of Children (there were a few at least 11) were placed in an orphanage at WEDNESFIELD near WALSALL. It was at this time that my aunty Nora worked with Dads Dad to help pay for their keep. Dad stayed for there for maybe two years before he was then adopted by Mr& Mrs Bould and he took their surname by deed poll.
During his time with the BOULD family he was a naughty boy about 1946 when he was 12 years old (His words). He went into an Approved School until he reached the age of 14 years old. Apparently he wanted to go as his friends were there.
He returned to the Bould household for three more years until He enlisted into the Army in 1951at the age of 17 years. He had signed up for service with the Royal Leicestershire Regiment.
After being trained at Glen Parva barracks (South Wigston) he was sent to Pembrokeshire in Wales it’s a TA training camp until the end of September 1952. In October he was transferred to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment stationed at GRATZ (Vienna) Austria. In April 1953 the battalion was posted to OGBOURNE ST GEORGE in Wiltshire about 4-5 miles from Wroughton. There he trained hard as they were going to KOREA in June to fortifying the NEW FRONT line. It was while in the Far East that dad got into trouble again. Dad was a Corporal waiting to get promoted up to Sargent, while at the Queen’s Birthday parade the National anthem was played everyone got up except the person who was sat in front of Dad. He asked the Officer (Irish Guards) to stand up for the Queen and when he refused dad hit him. Dad was busted back to private. He soon got his stripes back though.
It was at about this time that dad met his future wife (our mother). Mum tells us that she was out with a friend who wanted to meet a solider and after riding past a few groups that were out of barracks they finally spoke to a group of five one of who was dad. Apparently they all ended up at a pub and it wasn’t till the bell rang at 2200hrs that mum realised that she was in trouble. She was escorted part way home by dad and when she got home at about half past midnight Gran was waiting for her.
Somehow dad managed to arrange to meet up with mum again this time to take her to the pictures after she had finished work on a Saturday. This was to take place in Swindon and mum dually arrived at the Pub next to the picture house. There was no sign of Dad until he came out of the pub having spent his money. The long and short of it was mum ended up paying for the tickets. Despite this they finally got married on Sept 15th 1956.
Dad had been returned to his own regiment (the Royal Leicestershire’s) at this time and they were stationed in Cyprus. He returned to Cyprus alone. But Mum joined him in Cyprus in 1957. They returned back to England in 1958 but in 1959 Dad was posted to Munster in Germany. Mum went with him and it was there that they had two children, myself (Martyn) in 1960 and Lynn 1962. In 1962 Dad was posted to the Training Regiment in LEICESTER and it was there that Tracey was born in 1963.
1965 Dad was posted to MALTA. It was here that dad taught me to swim. After spending some time in the training pools in the rocks around Valetta harbour dad asked if I could swim. I said yes so he picked me up and throw me into the harbour dived in and told me to swim out to the pontoon in the harbour. How I got there I don’t know but I got there, after a rest on the pontoon we swam back. I believe that this is how Lynn & Tracey also were taught to swim. We had many good times as a family while in Malta visiting many places on the islands of Malta. On occasions dad would be posted out to various places i.e. Cyprus to take part in various Football and Hockey matches for the unit.
We returned back to England in 1968 ending up in Rainham Kent. 1969 dad was posted to Berlin and we all went out there for about 10 months. On returning back to England Dad brought a house in Selly Oak Birmingham and this is where we finally settled. Dad was based in Catterick but finished his army career as a recruiting C/Sgt in the Army Careers Office in Birmingham. Dad has also spent time in HONGKONG, BORNEO & ADEN.
While at the recruiting office dad decided to find out when he could leave the army so he rang up records he gave them his details and they said they would get back to him. When they did it turns out that he was a Warrant Officer and should have left the army the year before. (not supported in the Red book)
When Dad left the army (1974) he went to work in the container base in Perry Bar. It was at this time that dad really started to look for his siblings, apparently he had met some of them but he wanted to find everyone. It was during this time that we as a family did a lot of camping going to places such as Hawford Mill (Worc), Derbyshire, Wiltshire and around Symonds Yat. In 1993 Mum and Dad moved to St Georges W-S-M.
Item above read out by myself at the funeral.

My Father saw service with the MIDLAND BRIGADE 1951-1962, EAST ANGLIAN BRIGADE 1962-1968 and the QUEENS BRIDADE 1968-1974.

Bernard aka DUSTY
While visiting Tracey and Nigel ( MYSELF ) in Weston. Bernard came across the summer house pub that he fell in love with. After moving down to Weston in 1993 it became a Friday night ritual for years and also many headaches until Bernard was diagnosed with diabetes which unfortunately put a stop to it
After working in a local factory assembling wheel chairs, Bernard began working with his son in law Nigel (ME) as his not so young apprentice. He already knew how to make a great cuppa so there was not much more to learn, Bernard loved every minute of his two years working and only decided to give it up due to age considering he was 60+. Bernard always put in a good shift and was always ready for what people half his age would find a strain. That was his philosophy a good days work for a good days pay, that was the man’s honest belief regardless of age and Bernard never strayed from that. He was a true straight forward chap Bernard often reminisced with a smile on his face about his memories of that time and we all had a good laugh about it, he had a great sense of humour, there was the time that we were building his own extension on his house and he was looking everywhere for his dust mask and couldn’t work out where it had gone. When he asked why everyone was laughing was told it’s on top of your head Dad, Also on the same job we dug where we were told the drains were and by the time we realised they were not there the hole was too deep for Bernard to get back out so we had to go and get him a ladder. I (NIGEL ) can’t remember how many times I watched him run flat out up the ramp into the skip with a wheel barrow of rubbish only to get nearly there and then start going backwards faster than he went up, at this point some people would then say I can’t do it but not Bernard back up he would go and never give up , as I said always gave his best
As the years went by Bernard loved nothing better than being around his family watching his grandchildren growing up, helping out any way he could. We had year after year together in our back garden, Craig would always be trying to wind Granny up, Kelly and Abbie always knew best so Bernard would just look to Grace for help then tell them they weren’t quite right and so it went on as they grew up.
They first became grandparents in 1984 when Martyn gave us Georgina she has had lots of problems to get through but she’s a fighter just like her grand dad
Craig had a son Jay in 2004 and then a son Bailey in 2007 watching these two children grow up with their grandchildren and children was what was all important to Bernard and Grace as they both are very family orientated. As time went on Callum then had Cameron in 2009, Abbie gave us Alfie in 2011 we call him demolition Dave if it will break Alfie will find a way , Craig gave us Riley two weeks later he is more of a watcher so not everything gets broken, Callum then had Jake in 2011 Islay then gave us Archie in 2012 not sure about what he does due to living in Southampton but I know he likes his hair being hovered and he has a lovely smile. Our endearing memory of Bernard is asking him why he was often smiling and being told that he was so happy and proud to watch 4 generations of his family together all laughing and having a great time, he truly loved being part of it and having a good time at one of the many barbeques we had.
Bernard was a real family man and the whole family will miss him greatly goodbye to you a special man. Bernard’s gone but not forgotten different ways you will be missed. As a husband, A father, A father in law, A grand dad, A great granddad, A friend, A drinking buddy A work mate, And a special man.
Sleep well good bye my friend.
This Item Read out by Nigel Dads son-in law and great friend.

Sent in by Martyn Bould Bernard's son