RHQ The Tower of London
Alnwick Castle.

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I would just like to pass on a mahosive thank you to Murray Richards, Dave Bell, Dave Morrison, and Paul Maskell for the fantastic journey we took together this week riding from RHQ The Tower of London to Alnwick Castle.

I was nervous about the amount of miles we were to undertake and whether the fitness levels were up to it.

Day 1
As we set off from London I was more worried about the mad arse drivers overtaking us brushing our elbows and tooting their horns. I must have counted at least 30 cars that had broken wing mirrors or missing wing mirrors.

Big thanks to Jeremy Garrett and Phil Forsyth for getting us out of the Capital as a group safely.

It was a sigh of relief as we eventually got to Banbury for our first nights stop.

Got to the campsite and went for a shower and settled in for the night.
From the first night on the fight started for the plug sockets so we could charge our phones LOL.

Dave Bell decided to get out of the camper van and I was still sitting in it and one of the lads said to Dave "what's up?" Dave replies "I've just sat on Jack's helmet". I said to Dave, "you can't say things like that around here Dave" LOL. The banter was fantastic.

Day 2
Got up for the ride from Banbury to St John's House Warwick, National Memorial Arboretum and then Ashbourne.
Arrived in Warwick when a driver started to give me shit as the light was on red and we decided to get on the pavement to our right and walk around the corner to the side door at St John's House.
He said I was going through a red light, I said I'm not going through the light, I'm walking around the corner. Your a law unto yourselves you wankers he replied.
Your a fat pikey tosspot I replied.
He then tried to get out of his 4 x 4 and was stopped by his wife.
Little did he know, I had Paul Maskell behind him, Murray and Dave were around the corner in case anything escalated.I gave him the obligatory bird finger as he drove off.
Had a cuppa with John Turquand and then set off for the NMA.
Eventually got to the Campsite in Asbourne after tacking hills all day and there was no electric hook up as it was out of season there.
No charging up of phones then.
There was a very nosy pheasant there with a limp that wouldn't leave us alone. LOL
Drove into Ashbourne for food and then went back to the campsite.
Wrists are starting to hurt for some reason, backside not too bad as loads of chamois crème went on a various intervals.

Day 3
Got up for the ride to Bury.
Looking forward to getting there and seeing some of the lads.
Set off and the hills in and around Buxton took some doing especially the one called "Long Hill"
Weather wasn't to bad.
Cracked on all day eating up the miles and arrived at Bury, tired and looking forward to a beer.
Mike McDonald was there at the back door of the White Lion as we arrived and it was good to see him after all these years.
Got inside and there was Spud Taylor, Phil Massam. Andrew Hindle, Lisa Minott, Karen Massam and a few other there. Had a few beers and then went to Witherspoon's for a steak dinner, absolutely starving we were.
Went back to the White Lion to go to bed.

Day 4
I would just like Spud Taylor or Phil Massam to thank the lady there for the fantastic full English breakfast we received and also for the sandwiches she gave us on the way out of the door.
We went around to the Museum to have some photo's took.
As we left Bury there was a mad man on the side of the road shouting at us, god bless you Dezzy Vernon
smile emoticon

It was going to be a hell of a ride from Bury to Richmond as my ass is now starting to sting a little.
Cracked on with the miles and eventually got to Richmond.
Memories are starting to flood back of drunken times in Richmond square LOL.
Stayed at the Talbot Hotel and was warmly received and very well looked after.
Dave Morrison then joined us that night as he was riding with us to Alnwick.
It was great to have another lad join us for the last leg. We knew that the moral and the banter was going to go straight up us as soon as he turned up.

Day 5
Had a massive full English the next morning and set off on the last leg of our journey happy to know that there was a load of support for us and a beer waiting in Alnwick.
Hands and wrists severely hurting now and I had already raised the stem on my bike but we were not stopping now.
As we got to Alnwick we took a wrong turn into a Sainsbury car park, I turned around to get back out. Dave Morrison did the same but as he got along side me he fell over as he couldn't unclip quick enough.
It was funny as feck as we were only 100 metres from the Alnwick Rugby Club campsite where we were staying!!
We were met by Jason King who drove in his van blaring that funny horn of his and was great to see him.
Got showered and changed and then went for a beer in the Rugby club.
Any free electrical socket was abused by us all severely !!!!
Got a taxi to the RAFA club and were met by loads of Fusiliers who were happy to see us.
Had way to may beers and then went to bed.

Got up the next day and went back up to the RAFA club and then waited to go to the Castle.
Got there and met up with loads of people we hadn't seen for ages.
Was great to see Eric Haley, Tony Hall, Mick Straker, Chester Potts and many many more.

Now at home, it is now sinking in what we have achieved and the money we have raised will help others.

There will definitely be a return leg from Alnwick Castle to RHQ Tower of London in 2016 and I hope for more riders to join us and raise more money for other worthy charities.

The term "OAFAAF" should not be taken lightly, the main thing that kept us all going is that we all have the "Fusilier" spirit and that we never give up.

I would like to thank you all for your support whether it be by donations, text messages, facebook messages or shouting at us from the side of the road.

Roll on next year!!!!

Jack Sprat.