Fusiliers Cycling Club

( est 17th June 2014)
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FCC Presidents:

Murray Richards Click here to e mail Murray

FCC Admin:
Murray Richards & Ali Richards

FCC Account Signatories:
Ali Richards & Carol Valentine

For all Fusiliers who are into their biking whether it be Road, Mountain or Penny Farthing.

Club is there to help set up, plan, organise and host various cycle events whether they be for charity or just for a fun ride out.

Members can participate in the buying & selling of cycling equipment, clothing etc amongst themselves.

More experienced riders can pass on useful tips and tricks.

Support each other with motivation and guidance.

This club is on Facebook as "secret" for Opsec reasons, but please feel free to add friends who would like to join this Fusilier Cycling Club.

A club constitution will be formatted soon.

You may want to be part of the club but not cycle yourself.

You could become part of the support team which is very much needed and a very important part of the team.

Fusiliers Cycling Club is now officially affiliated to CTC
( Cycling Tourist Club ) which is a national charity.

It provides insurance for us when we organise events etc.

It also provides individual insurance.
Individual membership is £16 per year through our club and the cover it provides for you is good.

Look on their website for full details (Click on link below) and FAQ's.
You join online on the CTC website.

You can obtain the FCC's membership number by messaging or e mailing Jack Regan or Murray Richards. click on links above

We have a bank account set up for this club where you can pay yearly subscriptions ( £15 ) which helps towards support vehicles etc and you can pledge sponsor money into it.

Bank, Account Number, and Sort Code can be obtained from
Jack Regan or Murray Richards.


Ladies & Gentlemen of the Fusiliers Cycling Club (FCC) here is the official FCC Jersey / Shorts / Bib selection.

Prices are as follows:

Jersey £40 - £45
Shorts £55
Bib shorts £70
Postage & packaging is £4

Names can be placed on the collar for a couple of quid.

Please place your order with Pete Bell.


Events Planned


Sat 15th August
FCC Ride for David Collins RRF

Sat 29th August
FCC Ride for Lee Hoyle RRF (Details to follow)
(Sat 12th Sept 2015)
FCC Warwick Ride (Note Date Change)

That's it so far, subject to change.

Event Photos
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FCC National Cyclists
Memorial Meriden Ride 28.09.2014