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Forever England, Forever Friends, Forever Family
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Welcome to The Fusiliers Association Website. The Fusiliers Association is to foster the spirit, comradeship and the traditions of the Regiment among all ranks past and present, in order to promote the Regiment's good name in every way maintaining an active organisation for Fusilier veterans in each Regimental Area and in other places where there are concentrations of Fusiliers
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The Fusilier Hackle

Our Fusiliers hackle has blown in the wind for over 300 years, These colours don’t run or shed any tears, The men who have proved their worth to wear it, look evil in the eye. Then out stare it! As Fusiliers we are fearless from the 1st to the 5th They wear their heart on their sleeve and not on their fist,
Our England is ours and we will always protect it even when our life as a soldier has ended although unexpected, Our Fusilier family always comes first Brothers from other mothers we have a courage unheard
With bravery and strength we serve never divided protecting those close to us we stand fast to the last We pray for our fallen. So lest we forget With St George by our side we pay our respects So our Fusiliers Hackle will always stand tall Along with our history.
We shall never ever Fall!

Forever England, Forever Friends, Forever Family

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