Area Colonel

Colonel Peter Stitt
Fusilier Association
Warwickshire and West Midlands

St John's House,
CV34 4NF
Tel No: 01926 491653

Major (Retd) Algy Cole

The Area Regimental Secretary for Warwickshire

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Colonel Bob Carruthers OBE TD

Deputy Chairman

Major John Turquand TD

The music playing is the The Warwickshire Lads by The Warwickshire Regimental Band

Colonel Peter Stitt
Vice Presidents
Brigadier D A K Biggart OBE
Colonel R L Cariss MBE TD DL
Col R J Carruthers OBE TD
Deputy Chairman
Major John Turquand TD

Lt Col A J M Rice
Major J C Bartlett TD
Lt Col K Whiteman,
Major BW Edmonds MBE
Major John Turquand TD
Colonel R L Cariss MBE TD DL
Major J Lam

Major John Lam
Major BW Edmonds MBE
Web site Coordinator
Major John Turquand TD

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Major (Ret'd) APA Cole RRF

Algy Cole is the new Warwickshire Area Secretary.

He served with 3 RRF as Platoon Commander, Mortar Platoon Commander and Adjutant, and then in 5 Airborne Brigade as SO3 G3 Trg.

He left the Army to take up a commercial career, mainly as a Sales Manager and Account Director. Latterly, he ran his own consultancy company. But the attraction of rejoining the Fusilier family was too much, so in late 2014, he accepted RHQ's invitation to apply for the post and was successful.

He lives with his family in South Manchester and spends 2-3 days a week in Warwickshire and the West Midlands.



Algy Cole
Warwickshire Area Secretary
The Fusiliers

tele :- 01926 491653

Friends of the RRF Museum
(Royal Warwickshire)
Chairman's Report 2016/17
For the AGM 29 April 2017

As I write this the Museum has now moved into the self-funding mode, in anticipation of this in 2016 I planned a Somme Concert at the Birmingham University Bramell Music Building.
We had the potential of making £3,000 profit, but despite extensive advertising and e-mails we only had an audience of 47 out of a potential audience of 360. A disaster was avoided by the many donations we received from the great and good of Warwickshire and the Fusilier family, and when the dust settled we were £1,278.56 up.
We have continued to bring money in with Militaria that has been donated to sell for the funds, and today this has amounted to £200 +
My military talks also are continuing to bring in donations and to date this amounts to £450+ in six months, we more talks planned.
Easy funding has only been taken up by a hand full of members but this has a great potential for bringing in money, and it costs you nothing.
When you buy, online donations are made direct to the Museum.
Go to -
More new members will also bring in money - so please recruit now!
All other matters will be covered at the AGM
David Seeney - Chairman

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of The Friends of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum (Warwickshire)

To be held at St John's House Warwick on Saturday 29 April 2017, at 1100 hrs.

The meeting will be followed by a power point presentation on the Iranian Embassy Siege 1980.