The Anthony Reddy Photos
I am writing on behalf of my father, Anthony (Tony) Reddy who served with The Warwickshire Fusilers & 2 RRF from 1963 to 1976 with a photo of himself & 2RRF's RSM in Andersontown, Northern Ireland, 1972. I have attached a photo of both himself and the RSM, WO1 Brian Callow, my Dad is the Sgt sat behind the desk typically with a fag in his hand (he might kill me for that as Ive copied him in on this email!!!) and Brian is sat in the forward chair reading a piece of paper. I more than anything as I am very proud of my Father's service. Oh if you look at the photo of 2RRF Sgt's & WO's Mess in Berlin 1970 on your website you will see him at the age of 25, in the back row left hand side (Sgt T Reddy).

Ive found a few more of Dad for your perusal, ok then.......... the one of him in No.2's was taken in May 96 when we had our unit Annual Inspection, the 3 of him in a suit were taken roughly in 2000 ish when the School's Corps of Drums presented Dad with a bugle for his work running the Corp since 1978, the pic of him with a model Wessex Helicopter was taken in 2009 when he decided he wanted a model I had built (GIT!!!!) and the final pic with "The Boss" hat must have been taken before 2004, before his stroke and finally the photo OWA - 25 is of Dad on the rare occasion he was allowed to take the Drum Majors salute on Old Boys Day at Whitgift School with Rt. Hon. Lord Freeman(Old Whitgiftian). Dad was rarely allowed to take the salute on Old Boys Day, he did all the work and the idiot in charge got all the glory....... I rest my case...... Dad may or may not have the same view ofcourse.

After Dad left The Fusiliers, he ran a Combined Cadet Unit at Whitgift School in Croydon, from 1978 to 2004 when he had a stroke, but Dad being Dad, managed to embarass the school....... the average numbers for a member of staff was around 30 ish and on his Dining out the Old Bugger had in excess of 250 bodies!!!!

Tony was my Plt Sgt when I was in the Signal Plt Catterick 1970 (Webmaster)
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