Jan - May 72 (Londonderry/Armagh/Tyrone)
Jul - Sept 72 (Londonderry)
Jan - May 73 (Armagh/ Tyrone)
Jan - May 74 (Armagh/ Tyrone)
Aug - Dec 75 (Armagh)
Mar - Apr 76 (Armagh)
Nov 77 - Mar 78 (Andersontown)
Nov 79 - Mar 80 (Londonderry)
Apr 81 - Mar 83 (Belfast)
Aug - Dec 85 (Armagh)
Our Chairman in action
Well who is this, our Chairman (then RSM O'Grady)
who is he with, not Ron Owen (Tash no Beard)
and he is still watching his back today

The tour was Belfast 1977-1978, it was taken while on patrol in Lenadoon Avenue West Belfast. I was tasked with taking the RSM (John O’Grady) for a quick look around the A Coy area, near to the Post Office on Andersontown Road.

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Steven Turner Northern Ireland just outside Omagh just before the 1973 Omagh bombing

3RRF 1972-1976,

Aug - Dec 85 (Armagh)
on the left Fus Kevin Whitney, Cpl "Jack" Warner, Fus John"Mac" McFadyen, Fus Derick "Del" Alderman

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Pete Marney
Photo Collection

Northern Ireland

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Basketball Team 1972
verses Dungannon College
Rear Left to Right, Tom Steel, John Wiseman , John Cattaneo, Charlie Gaze, Don Price, Dave Shaw, Neilson?, Bert Broom
Front Left to Right, Pete Marney, Dunbar the rest are all from Dungannon Colledge
Bogside Londonderry Operation
Motorman 1972

Londonderry 1972

Pete Marney in

Dungannon 1972.

Fort George Londonderry 1972
Miss Fusilier Visit
( I wonder where she is now anyone remember her name)

Left to Right, Paul Seamark, Pete Marney, Miss Fusilier, Whittle (can’t remember first name), Shed Taylor. A lot of the others I can’t remember, but Bob Keating and Micky Taylor to right rear of picture.

C Company Crossmaglen


Colvert Bomb

Fishing Club 1982

Left to Right, Nick East, Alan Loftus, Son of ?.Wilkinson , Pete Marney, ?.Wilkinson , John Wiseman

3RRF Wifes Football Team
Palace Barracks

Rear Left to Right, Jan Wilkinson, Dee Marney, Pat Jenkins, Paula Jackson, Olive Dean
Front Left to Right, Eunice Grant, Joyce Hope, Joan Bastian, NK, Jill Griffiths
we have only one ladies name missing now can anyone help

Life goes on despite the troubles in Northern Ireland 1982

Mike Krpalek’s (Pete's nephew) wedding in Palace Barracks
he went on to become Provost Sgt in 3RRF before leaving to go to work for RUC
from which he has just retired and moved to Portugal.

B Coy Fort George 1980

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4 Platoon 3RRF Andersonstown Belfast 1977 -1978