of Northern Ireland
Oct 71 - Feb 72 (Belfast)
Jul - Nov 72 (Andersontown)
Feb - Mar 73 (Belfast)
Jun - Oct 73 (Andersontown)
Oct 74 - Feb 75 (Belfast)
Jun - Oct 76 (Armgh / Tyrone)
Jul - Nov 78(Londonderry)
Nov 79 - Apr 81 (Belfast)
Aug 91 - Feb 94 (Ballykinler)
Dec 2001 - Jun 2002 (Dungannon)
Apr - Aug 03 (North Belfast)
Sept 03 to Dec 05(Belfast)

Click here to see the booklet of 2RRF's first tour of Northern Ireland
"Four Months in Winter"
"Conceived as a souvenir of the first Op Banner tour of Belfast by the 2nd Battalion, the booklet was written by Captain Mike Murray in cooperation with David Barzilay,
then a reporter with the Belfast Telegraph."

The 1980 Tour Hollywood Barracks Magazine

sent in by Criag Hepburn

The 2RRF Newspaper July 1976
(Armgh / Tyrone)

24219145 Fus Ian Brighouse
Assault Pioneers Plt 1972

Support Co 2RRF, CATTERICK 1972-3 between the tours


Londonderry, 1978, B Coy ,7 Plt,

Steve (Woble) Williams (left) and Steve Lumley Woodburn Hotel NI 76 I think but may be wrong

Chris 'Lex' Barker's Photos
the 1st 3 photos are
Armgh 76 tour

This pic is 1977 in Armagh city. Chris was guarding RMP,RUC and UDR ladies.

Chris is in the center of the Photo

Chris is on the right, smiling at the camera.

These are Londonderry 1978 ?

I do recall on one of his tours he was called back to Court in NI for 'brutality' .
Apparently he was on patrol in Ulster on a Saturday night. They had a new and quiet lad in his section. Some drunken paddys spotted this, and tried to take the lads SLR off him.
Chris waded in with his rifle butt !
Chris was aquitted.

sent in by Pete Chris's brother

Sgt Tony Reddy and RSM Brian Callow
In Andersontown 1972

David Spiers Andersons Town 1974

Jack Hynes and David Spiers, Jack sadly died on M62 RIP

Jack Hynes & David Spier

David Spiers, Tich Ledwith, Dave Aldridge, and Skinner

Jun - Oct 76 (Armgh / Tyrone)Tour

Joe Eastwood and Les Ingham in Middletown