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Colonel Lancashire

Col Jim Taylor MBE
Colonel Taylor attended RMA Sandhurst in 1995 after reading geography at Keble College, Oxford. He served as a young officer with the First Fusiliers in Northern Ireland, the UK and Germany. Having been the Adjutant of the First Fusiliers Battle Group during Gulf War 2, Op TELIC 1, he promoted to Major in 2003. He then spent one-year in the General Staff in MOD Main Building before moving to the Defence Academy where he successfully completed the MDA in 2005 and Army Command Staff Course 9 in 2006.

After Staff College, Lieutenant Colonel Taylor commanded C Company in the Second Fusiliers in Cyprus and the UK. As part of the Cyprus-based Theatre Reserve Battalion, he deployed to Iraq in September 2006 and Afghanistan in February 2007. He also led a training team from Cyprus to Jordan to prepare a Jordanian Special Forces Company for Op HERRICK. Following a unit move back to the UK, Second Fusiliers conducted Public Duties in London District. Completing his sub unit command tour in August 2008, Lieutenant Colonel Taylor was posted to MOD Main Building for his Black Bag Staff Officer Grade 2 appointment in the Equipment Capability Secretariat. Following this, he was posted to the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Land) as a member of the Directing Staff in 2010. Selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in 2011, he started his Staff Officer grade 1 appointment in Army HQ as Military Assistant to Commander Force Development and Training in September 2011. He spent 18 months in this post before assuming Command of the Second Fusiliers on 27 April 2013.

Colonel Taylor commanded the Second Battalion in Cyprus until April 2015 when it merged with the First Battalion. During this time he was responsible for preparing the battalion for Operations in Afghanistan and other theatres. One of the key events of his command was the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby who was a Second Battalion soldier. Colonel Taylor played a key part in the ensuing management of a delicate and tragic situation. He also managed the drawdown of the Second Battalion ensuring that every member of the battalion had input into the selection of an alternative position within the Army. Colonel Taylor currently serves as a Senior Officer at the Land Warfare Centre within Army Headquarters.

Colonel Taylor was appointed as Colonel London, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 2016 and Colonel Lancashire 2020. He is married to Kate. They have three children; Olivia, William and Alexander. His interests include playing hockey, skiing, shooting, trekking and reading.

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